Monday, September 23, 2013

A Low-Key Affair

Sometimes weddings are a big event. Big wedding parties, lots of guests and a ton of planning.

Sometimes weddings are an intimate affair- and there's no better example than my Squamish wedding with Kelly and Cameron. They were originally planning a helicopter ride for themselves, their witnesses and me to dropped off on a mountain peak for their ceremony. Unfortunately, the clouds were too low and it was just too dangerous to fly.

Fortunately, Cam and Kelly are so laid back, and took it all in stride. We were wearing hiking gear, so their best man took us to a local spot where we hiked in to a stream at the base of the Chief. Salmon were spawning in the river, the sun broke through the clouds and the moment was truly beautiful. These two had met while mountain climbing and now exchanged vows out in the mountains. I had prepared them a special ceremony, reflecting how important the outdoors is to them.

Here's an excerpt:

Finding the person to share your life with is tough- and these two don’t make it any easier. They can’t just meet on regular land like the rest of us. They have to meet at the top of a mountain, almost like they were pulled out of the regular everyday world so they could see each other, apart from the crowd. And today is a full circle moment. These two, who met on a mountain, pull apart from the crowd, with only our lucky 3 to witness it, and stand among these beautiful mountain to be joined in marriage.

Whether a ceremony is a big event or something small we think it's very important to have something meaningful and personal that reflects the couple. And, we're always up for an adventure!


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