Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the 4th be With You!

I had a great time this afternoon, officiating a special Star Wars-themed wedding for Chris and Janice Bold. They are huge (!) science fiction fans, so when the chance to have a wedding on May the 4th came by, they couldn't resist.

It was fun, sweet, and, most importantly, totally them. That's the key to any wedding - put as much of your story into as possible.

Thanks Chris and Janice for having me share your special day.

“I will honour you, I will be faithful to you, and I will protect you from the Dark Side.”

With that unique wedding vow uttered at a club house in Cloverdale on Saturday, May the Fourth, two passionate sci-fi fans tied the knot in a Star Wars-themed wedding.

Groom Chris Bold dressed as a stormtrooper, while bride Janice wore a white Princess Leia cape.
Getting laughs and cheers from the crowd, after saying “I do,” Bold kissed his bride one time with his stormtrooper helmet off, and one time with it on.

Self-described as fun-loving and “very bizarre,” the couple said they wanted to make their big day memorable for family and friends by doing something very far — light years as it were — from the norm.

“We both like to do things a little different, we’re very bizarre people,” Janice said after the ceremony.
Chris said that, in fact, he had first planned on doing a Dr. Who themed wedding — but the couple felt Star Wars was more accessible.

They also wore Lord of the Rings wedding bands, designed by Janice, complete with “Elvish script” engravings.

The couple made their vows in front of a movie screen-sized photo of R2D2 and his partner C3P0.
Bold’s groomsmen stood by him dressed as Chewbacca and Darth Vader.

Small statues of Yoda and Wicket the Ewok flanked the Intergalactic wedding party, and a stately bust of planetary hit man Boba Fett adorned another corner of the club house.

And the crowd loved it.

As two adorable flower girls, also dressed as little Leias, walked the aisle, one woman turned to another and said: “It’s different, I’ll give them that. It’s neat actually.”

The wedding officiant Jordan Bateman wore a brown Jedi robe and wielded a blue light sabre.

In a ceremony sprinkled with Star Wars quotes, Bateman cited the wisdom of Yoda, advising the couple that a good marriage is based on couples doing “the little things” for each other, no matter what.

“Do or do not, there is no try,” Bateman told the couple.

After the ceremony Bateman said he has done some interesting theme weddings, including a couple who walked a yellow brick road aisle and wore costumes from The Wizard of Oz, but the Star Wars wedding “was craziest” by far.

“It was amazingly sweet too,” Bateman said. “The best weddings inject the couple’s personality into it, and Star Wars fits this couple, it’s a big passion for them.”

May 4 has come to be recognized as Star Wars Day by the movie franchise’s fans, after the films’ iconic phrase “may the force be with you.”