Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PopMarriage Podcast #6

Our latest PopMarriage podcast is now live (should be on iTunes later today) and it's a good one: new wedding stories, 7 things every couple should know and a call for couples to step their game up. Plus our usual banter, Jordan's usual Longmire plug, TomKat and more!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Thumbprint Tree

There's always something new and adorable in weddings and this week its the thumbprint tree. Not sure how long these have been a trend but it was my first time seeing one this week. I also saw another handmade one when I married Jeff&Danielle yesterday, so I'm assuming it's a new trend! I thought it was so sweet.

This is Carly and Scott's tree which was printed as a big beautiful framed picture. It's a bare tree and guests leave their thumbprint and sign their name and it looks like foliage for the tree.

The little sign underneath said something to the effect of 'Thank you for leaving your mark on our lives'. They were using it instead of a guest book and I'm sure we're planning to hang it up at home later.

I'm sure there a tons of ideas for this on Pinterest, so check it out.