Monday, October 10, 2011

Destination Weddings

One thing we tend to see more and more often, especially during the chilly Vancouver winters, is couples taking off to gorgeous beaches like Mexico for a destination wedding.

These weddings are gorgeous and tons of fun however we have heard from many couples that filing the paperwork can be difficult. So we have expanded our services to help couples having a destination wedding. If you don't want to go through registering in another country and doing the blood tests and whatnot we can help you by performing your marriage here.

It should be noted that we totally value and understand that your 'real' wedding (and anniversary) is that beautiful wedding away and we don't want to take anything away from that. However, the date your license is signed is your 'legal' wedding date, they can't be back/ forward dated.

We can do a couple of things, either before you leave or after you return from the wedding:
1. We can meet the couple, along with 2 witnesses and sign the paperwork. It's easy and quick, we'll just meet up at a coffee shop, have a chat and sign the license.
2. We can do a simple but meaningful 'vow exchange' for the couple and close friends and family. We can do this at your home or a park. We'd have you choose your vows (and ring vows if you want to exchange rings). Even if you're just looking for something simple I think there are some ways to make it very personal and special for the couple without being really drawn out or over the top or taking anything away from real wedding in Mexico. We've done quite few intimate weddings for couples who get married out of Canada. So I am confident we could help create something that you would be comfortable and meaningful! We would do planning for this over email.

If you're interested in this service (or booking us for your wedding here in the Lower Mainland!) please email us-