Monday, June 27, 2011

Be Yourselves (Reflections of a Best Man)

Jenny and I have performed a lot of wedding ceremonies over the past few years--more than 200 between us. Each wedding is unique and special, just like each couple is unique and special. No one approaches or plans a wedding the same way: there are literally dozens of personal touches--small and large--that make a couple's day their own.

On Saturday, my best friend Sam got married. I was honoured to be asked to be his best man (who knew holding on to rings was more nerve-wracking than telling a groom he can kiss the bride?). He was marrying the lovely Lana, after dating her for the past couple of years.

Sam and Lana are in their mid-30s and very independent, which gave them a ton of freedom to plan the wedding the way they wanted it. There was very little parental pressure, so the Sam and Lana Show was on!

And it was great. The wedding took place at their friends' home on a beautiful south Langley property. The reception was burgers and beer (Vera's and Dead Frog--may I recommend the Pepper Lime?), and the whole day was full of laughter, hugs, joy, a few tears, and all-round good times. There was a T-Shirt cannon instead of a bouquet toss. Delicious pies instead of wedding cake. There was even a Twitter hashtag (#snlwedding).

Jenny and I got home from the wedding (exhausted!) and couldn't help but talk about how perfect the day was, and how it completely fit Sam and Lana. It was perfectly, uniquely, incredibly them.

I could blog another thousand words about some of the best weddings I've done, and how the couples found little touches that made the day perfect. But take it from someone who goes to a lot of weddings: the best ones reflect who the couple is.

When you're planning your big day, own it! Make it yours, and no one else's. Every little touch goes a long way to telling the story of your love for each other--and your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness, creativity and effort.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anyone Else But You....

Today I had the pleasure of doing a wedding for Bob and Leah. They are a really sweet couple who had supported each other through some difficult times and they were so excited to be married!

When they told me they wanted to sing part of their vows, I have to admit, I was skeptical. Neither of them are 'singers' and Bob is even a bit quiet. They had chosen a song from the end of the movie Juno by the Moldy Peaches called "Anyone Else But You". They wanted to do regular spoken vows and then, with a friend accompanying them on guitar, sing the song as part of their vows. I helped them find where it would fit and went through it a couple times at the rehearsal.

At the rehearsal, both seemed a bit nervous and I a little concerned their voices would be too quiet or that they might forget the words.

But today they took that microphone between them, looked into each others eyes and did it. And it was touching, adorable and so much fun. The end of the song where the "do doo de do do de do doo do do do" part is they held the mic between the two of them with their heads leaned close together. It was an absolute moment. And when they finished their guests erupted into cheers and applause. It was so sweet. It was the first time I have ever done a wedding where guests applaud vows!

I have embedded video of the song up top for you to see.

And I think this brings home an important point. You (and your guests) want to share in something special up there. You want a moment. You don't just want to rush through to get to the party. You want words and actions that are meaningful, fun and personal. And you I also think you want an officiate up there who makes you feel at ease and helps you to create a moment.

Thanks to Leah and Bob for letting me a part of something new and share in your special day!