Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow Wedding

Mark and Natasha had wanted to do a simple but sweet ceremony in January, followed by a beautiful destination wedding later in Mexico. So they gathered a dozen or so close friends to share in the moment and we planned to meet at a park outside.

When I originally booked the wedding I thought we should choose a park with some coverage as I assumed it would be a West-Coast style rainy day. So imagine my surprise to wake up yesterday morning to a half foot of snow on the ground!

We decided to brave the snow and stick with the outdoor theme and Mark and Natasha exchanged vows in a beautiful, peaceful snowy park. What's better than a wedding followed by a snowball fight!

I have done a lot of outdoor weddings, but this is my first standing in snow. Got to say, quite lovely!

Friday, January 13, 2012

PopMarriage Podcast #4

Hey! Check out our fourth PopMarriage podcast!

We talk about our favorite wedding signing stories (including the best man who kissed the bride) and offer some tips for great wedding music. Then we talk about how to vacation together, and how we nearly divorced on our honeymoon while searching for an Olive Garden. Plus we ponder the news that Facebook is cited as a reason in one-third of UK divorces. And we sing a little Katy Perry.

It's up on our iTunes feed(search for JJ Weddings), non-iTuners can also get it here:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brooch Bouquet

(Image from

I always love it when I see new things in weddings and I heard about this idea of a brooch bouquet. I haven't actually seen one yet in a wedding I've done, but when I Googled it a bunch of images came up.

The idea is that the bride (and groom, wedding party, family, etc) collect a bunch of beautiful, shiny and sparkly brooches. People get them at antique stores, from family/ friends, second hand store etc. Then they are made into a bouquet and carried instead of traditional flowers.

I mentioned this on the latest installment of our PODCAST #4 we recorded last night and I wanted to let you know what I was talking about.

Pretty, right?