Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sweet Ride

Saw a couple fun and unique ideas in the way of 'wedding day transportation' this month and wanted to share. Last weekend, while doing a wedding for Sarah and Kevin at Newlands I spotted these outside....

They actually belonged to another wedding party- but what fun! Can you imagine how great the groomsmen photos with those would be?

Also, when I married Gordon and Chelsea at Harrison in August her dad drove her into the ceremony and pulled up at the end of the aisle in this baby:

It was a car he had restored himself and she looked pretty cool stepping out of this!

Nice to see some fun and creative ideas!

Gorgeous Locations

It has been an extremely fun and busy wedding season for us and that has made tough to keep the updates coming.

One of the best parts officiating is all of the gorgeous locations we get to see. This summer we had a couple weddings at Brock House, and it's STUNNING! In fact, seeing Jericho at sunset was so lovely I planned a date night there for Jordan and I the following week because I wanted to share it with him. Hard to beat that view and the romance of the beach at sunset!

Another great spot I was at last month was Harrison. I did the wedding out on the point with that crystal water in the background. It was windy and sunny, and I had to make sure I held on to that wedding license ;) But I had forgotten what a pretty spot that is.