Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Photo

Had a brain block about how to attach this from my phone. Got it now!

Gorgeous April wedding with Denis and Terri-lou.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Safest Wedding Ever

Today I had the pleasure of marrying Denis and Terri-lou at Bradner Hall. The hall was done up so beautifully all candles and white lights!

I believe it may be the safest wedding I'll ever do because Denis is a fireman and Terri works with search and rescue and many of the guests worked for police, fire and emergency services. I'm just saying- if there's ever a wedding to have an emergency at, these guys are trained professionals! Talk about good under pressure!

Luckily all went off without a hitch. Denis and Terri-lou seemed to be having a blast. Pic is of us with the fire engine (great photo prop)!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kids in a Wedding

It's impossible to deny the cuteness of kids in a wedding. I mean, what's cuter than miniature tuxedos and dresses tied with a bow? Adorable!

Kids can really add a personal and special touch to a wedding, and if the couple have children of their own it may be especially important to incorporate them in a meaningful way. Having done a bunch of different weddings with kids I offer a few tips:

1. If you want to include kids you have to be prepared that it may be a bit unpredictable, especially if the kids are little. They get nervous, overwhelmed or even a bit silly. But if you're willing to roll with the punches and understand it may not be perfect you will have some sweet moments. As an officiate, I enjoy kids in a wedding (heck, we have 3, we're used to the madness! Pic above is our oldest, Indie as a flower girl a few years ago). As long as the couple is relaxed about it, the guests are too.

2. Have kids at the rehearsal. Many have never been to a wedding and can't picture what it will really be like. It makes them feel good to do a practice and gives a chance to ask questions! If you're going to have flower girls throw petals, let her practice with the petals in the venue. I cannot tell you how many girls ran out of petals, forgot to throw them or had a hard time managing. It's good for them to try it out.

2. If they're under 5, have them walk down the aisle and then be seated (preferably with a family member in the front 2 rows). Our ceremonies aren't too long, but 15 min is an eternity to a preschooler :) Also, have someone on both ends (one person to hold them before they get to the aisle and one person to be waiting for them at the other end. It's makes that aisle seem a lot less scary!

3. If they're over 5 and are going to stand during the ceremony, put a twoonie on the ground where you want them to stand. If they stand still on it during the ceremony they can keep it when the ceremony is done (cha-ching!) I also think the closest groomsman having a candy in his pocket to slip them if needed can be a good idea.

4. Always have a familiar family member or friend that is willing to take them to them out if need be. I once did a wedding where the couple had a baby who insisted on being held and crying through the vows leaving a huge string of snot on his dad's jacket. It made it frustrating for the couple and their guests who couldn't hear a thing! Having someone who is willing to slip out with a little one can relieve a lot of stress in the moment.

These are my tips from my experience. That being said, we're willing to accomodate kids in whatever ways are most meaningful for the parents. We have done some cool things, like a family candle ceremony for blended families, or vows spoken to the children as well for a family. We have also done a gift from a parent to a step child or introduced them as a family right before the recessional. Feel free to chat with us about any/ all of the ideas if including your own children is something you'd like to do.

We've also included pets, but I'll save that post for another time!

If you want to, including kids can lead to some hilarious, adorable and magical moments in your special day.