Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Beauty of a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings get a bad rap. It's cold and you can't take the photos outdoors or have a ceremony in a park. Don't get me wrong, we looooove summer weddings and being outdoors, but a winter wedding can be also be done so beautifully!

First off- take advantage of the fact that it gets dark early! Filling your ceremony or reception with candles, tea lights and twinkle lights really creates a beautiful ambiance. It looks awesome! This pic is from a wedding I did at Newlands this winter.

Also, doing an off-season wedding makes the availability (and sometimes the costs) of services and vendors a little easier to manage. You are more likely to get first choice on some of the best as we're not all booked up a year in advance!

Get creative with your photos (ie cute umbrellas, covered outdoor locations or book a photographer that has a studio).

Winter weddings are usually a welcome relief for guests from the boredom of winter and a fun night out to be part of a celebration.

And finally, if you're headed off on a honeymoon, when better to leave than the winter! Get married while it's cold out and then head off to sunshine and happiness while the rest of us go back to work ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Technical Difficulty!!!

This is just a post to let anyone know that if you emailed about a meeting or a request for info either Monday or
Tuesday I am having some serious technical difficulties!!!! I read my emails but then my power source DIED spontaneously so I did not get a chance to respond to them! And, because the emails are stuck in my outlook I can't get them until my computer is back in commission this weekend.

Sorry!! Pardon the delay, we'll be back to the regularly scheduled emailing replying asap.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sri Lankan Wedding

One thing we really enjoy doing is working with couples to help them find a way to include any cultural traditions that might be important to them as part of their ceremony. We try to do this in a way that is meaningful to them and their guests.

This winter I married Micky and Lanka at Newlands, and Lanka's family, who were Sri Lankan, wanted to include some traditional elements alongside some of the regular western traditions. One Sri Lankan tradition that was really cool is that the bride is drummed down the aisle. There was a drummer in an authentic outfit (pic above) who did this great drum music and led the way for her bride and her father. The couple also lit an oil lamp and included a traditional blessing. This was mixed with contemporary vows and exchange of rings and some country music (Keith Urban?) as they signed and exited the ceremony.

All of their elements worked well together because they were personal and meaningful to the couple.

If you're looking to include some cultural elements in your wedding, please feel free to ask our advice! It can be a great way to recognize your heritage while creating a new and special family as husband and wife.