Monday, June 25, 2012

"Sincere and Heartfelt"

I had a very good run of weddings on the weekend (although the weather was pretty poor)--three couples in three different phases of life, each with a unique story and special touches.

This morning, one of the brides, Lucinda, sent me the following:

"Our ceremony was beautiful, sincere and heartfelt, and Gary and I completely owe it all to you. Somehow, you knew just what to say that was exactly what we were about.  I had so many people comment that they loved everything you said and that it was the best ceremony they had ever been to."

That's probably the highest compliment you can give Jenny and me--that we captured who the couple was and ran a ceremony that felt authentic to the people who know and love them best.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

True Love Trumps Rain!

This past weekend I had the true honor of performing a wedding for a lovely couple called Fred and Mandy. They had a touching story about difficulties and struggles they had overcome throughout their lives on the path to finding one another. They were so in love that when I met them for coffee to chat about the wedding they both teared up just telling me how much they looked forward to being married!

Fred and Mandy were having their wedding on a private property that had it's own little chapel built on it and their reception in the gardens outside. Much to all of our disappointment it poured on Saturday. It poured during set-up, leading up to the wedding and for a majority of the afternoon. Everything was wet and soggy but the wedding party and their guests did not let that stop them! And in that moment, when Mandy emerged in the doorway of the little chapel, the rain no longer mattered. The bad weather had been eclipsed by the beauty of the moment in which Fred and Mandy became husband and wife.

The ceremony was short but sweet and so heartfelt for these two. I shared a special reading I had chosen for them, which they said was just perfect.

Ever Changing, by Sharon Frye: 
I traveled on a winding path, 
Alone, along life's road. 
The burdens that I tugged along 
Were such a heavy load. 
The baggage that I carried 'round 
You gladly undertook. 
So I could stop and find some rest 
And take a second look. 
And there you were, with heart in hand 
And much to my surprise. 
No more doubt could undermine 
What shone within your eyes. 
The love I saw flowed from your heart, 
Encircling me just right. 
'Til I beheld the magnitude 
Of love's pure shining light. 

The pic is of the couple and I right after the ceremony. I'm wearing my rain jacket, which had soaked through, but you can tell from the looks on all our faces that it didn't matter much. 
Congrats Fred and Mandy! 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PopMarriage Podcast #5

We are back with our PopMarriage podcast--recapping our spring 2012 weddings, looking at the trend toward rustic ceremonies (wildflowers and mason jars! Pinterest!) and talking about the need for space in relationships. PLUS: Liam and Miley, Longmire and Sister Wives!

Listen here--or download us on iTunes!