Sunday, November 14, 2010

DateBank iPhone App Getting Great Buzz

The DateBank app I helped write is getting all kinds of media attention...

From bloggers like Erin at My Urban Suburban ("Because while Bub and I still have fun on dates, we’re often challenged to come up with new, creative date ideas. So this is awesome! And how cool is it that local Langley residents are the bright minds behind this innovative idea?? LOVE it.")...

From college papers like TWU's Mars Hill ("As a girl who has always been a hopeless romantic and has high standards for an extraordinary date, I can confidently tell all of you men out there that every option in the DateBank will sweep your lady off of her feet. This app is a must-have. Rated 5 stars in the app store, the DateBank is a practical and affordable tool to spice up your romantic relationships.")...

From community newspapers like The Tri-City News: ("It's called DateBank and features a year's worth of date ideas for couples looking to get to know each other, rekindle their romance or do something different than dinner and a movie. Ballard, who graduated from Fox in 2005, said the app is easy to use — even for Babyboomers who are just learning to use their iPhones, iPods and iPads. Dates are organized by mood, time of day and price, and are so creative, Ballard said, couples are sure to find something to suit their budget and interests.")...

Even the big mainstream media like The Province ("Ballard said the 150 DateBank date ideas are categorized by style, time and budget. “They’re sort of written in the tone of the hopeless guy, but we’re not that old-school,” he said. “We’ve had feedback from some women who use it to plan fun events with a group of girlfriends.” The date ideas were written up by Jordan Bateman, a wedding chaplain and Langley Township Councillor. “A great date is one where you discover something about one another,” Bateman said. “Being in love is the greatest thing in the world.”).

Download DateBank now in the App Store for 99 cents! You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harmony Farm Retreat

As officiates we get to see a really wide range of venues and we have been at most in the Lower Mainland. But every year there are always new ones that come to our attention.

The venue that I was most struck by this season was Harmony Farm Retreat which was nothing short of stunning!

It is located in Surrey, just off of Hwy 10 (which makes it pretty accessible, no matter where you're from) but it seems like it's tucked hours away in the middle of serene and sprawling farms. It is a private property that has a sloped lawn for the ceremony, gorgeous greens and gardens, a private pond complete with a rowboat and 2 swans (think 'the Notebook'), a swing hanging from the willow tree and an adorable log cabin suite where the bridal party gets ready.

The reception is held under a huge white tent on the property and was set up to look very elegant. Caterers brought food in and the dance floor and lights were all set up when I got there. The couple often stay in the log cabin on the wedding night (has bed, bathroom, tv and kitchenette).

It's also a photographers paradise as the shots pretty much set themselves up with all of the outdoor options.

I realize I am swooning (we are in no way affiliated with these guys, nor are they aware of us, I'm sure), but I was just really impressed by the classic beauty of the property. I enjoyed doing a wedding here for Jeff and Jen this summer and would happily officiate here again. I have heard the owners only book it out occasionally (also rented for movies and other events).

It's true that there is no indoor alternative here- although the reception was completely covered. But if you're looking for an outdoor venue that is unique it would be worth checking out!

Pics above are of of the log cabin and the entrance to Harmony.