Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Weddings

Jenny and I had a busy weekend, with four weddings between the two of us.

Thanksgiving is a great day to get married. I've done a few on Thanksgivings now, and they have all been memorable. A few years back, I married a couple in Williams Park (in Langley) on Thanksgiving Saturday. It was a beautiful fall day, sunny and warm, but with that crisp autumn wind we all love. Big orange maple leaves fell behind me as I pronounced them. It was perfect.

Last Thanksgiving, I married off my friends Kareem and Heidi on the beach in Tofino. This was another amazing day, and the best sand ceremony I had ever been a part of. Kareem's father brought golden, shimmering sand from his home country of Egypt, while Heidi's relatives brought dark, rich sand from Holland, where her parents were born. Then they added a scoop of Tofino beach sand--where they had got engaged and married. It was meaningful and richly symbolic. (Happy anniversary, by the way!)

This weekend, I did a wedding at the White Album Chapel in Chilliwack for the first time. It's a great spot--a 125-year-old country church. Courtney (the bride) and the girls were a little bit late, but I think Mike (the groom) felt it was worth it.

Later Saturday, I married off Joe and Leah. They had hoped to do the ceremony outdoors, but the weather at Newlands wasn't great, so we moved inside. It was still a lovely ceremony and the two of them giggled and teared up--all the great emotions of a wedding rushing to the surface at once.

Finally, yesterday, I did a ceremony at Chateau Cargill for Zaher and Sheena. They hit a weather home run--yesterday was beautiful. Sheena looked like a wedding princess in her beautiful dress (with a long train and tiara). It was a good day.

Jenny did a wedding at the Peace Arch, but I'll let her tell you her border story another time.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is a great option for people who want to get married at a different time of year. The weather is usually pretty good, and it's a natural time for friends and family to gather.

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